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One of the pioneering teams
to study 3D printing of medications

Experts in the pharmaceutical, hospital and 3D printer development fields.

Founding Team

Stéphane Roulon
Co-Founder & CEO

Previously at Sanofi in France as the head of the 3D printing laboratory and manager in a solid-state characterization laboratory.
Stéphane began studying 3D printing technology in 2016 with the aim of accelerating drug development through the manufacturing flexibility of 3D printing. 
The positive results of the conducted studies led to collaborations with the University Hospital of Nîmes and the company Lynxter. 
In order to address a broader need for personalized medications, Stéphane and Ian decided to create MB Therapeutics.

Ian Soulairol
Co-Founder & CTO

Ian is a pharmacist in charge of the unit for compounding, control, and clinical trials at the Pharmacy of the University Hospital of Nîmes. 
He is also an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montpellier in France. 
In his hospital activities, Ian is confronted daily with the need for personalized medications. 
To better meet these needs, since 2017, he has been studying the solutions offered by 3D printing of medications as part of his research activities. 

R&D Team

Léna Lemierre
R&D Formulation development engineer

Léna Lemierre has over 3 years of expertise in developing pharmaceutical formulations tailored to the 3D printing process of medicines. Léna is responsible for the development of personalized medications, supporting healthcare stakeholders, and keeping abreast of advancements in next-generation pharmaceutical 3D printers.

Advisors & Partners

Marie-Pierre Imbert, quality advisor of MB Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that develop personalized medicine solution through 3D printing

Marie-Pierre Imbert
Pharmaceutical Quality Advisor

Marie-Pierre is a retired professional from Sanofi, where she worked until 2022 as a Quality Manager, Deputy Pharmacist, and Interim R&D Pharmacist. Over the years, Marie-Pierre has had the opportunity to audit numerous pharmaceutical sites.

Henri Da-Cruz, Formulation development and process advisor of MB Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that develop personalized medicine solution through 3D printing

Henri Da-Cruz
Formulation development and process advisor

Henri has been part of the pharmaceutical industry at Sanofi since 1990, where he has held various roles within galenic development, including preformulation, formulation, processes, clinical batches, industrial transfer, and analytical aspects.

Jacob Kamara, 3D printer qualfication advisor of MB Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that develop personalized medicine solution through 3D printing

Jacob Kamara
3D printer qualification advisor

Jacob has worked in various pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, UCB, Abbott, and Sanofi. Thanks to his experience, he became an expert in pharmaceutical quality, having implemented qualification processes in various pharmaceutical projects.

Damien Stefanelli, Black Belt Lean Six Sigma advisor

Damien Stefanelli
Black Belt Lean Six Sigma advisor

Damien brings over 20 years of expertise grounded in the concepts of Quality by Design (QbD) and statistical mastery. His familiarity with the DMAIC method and diverse experiences in industrialization contribute to the efficiency of MB Therapeutics’ projects.

Lynxter, partenaire industriel de MB Therapeutics, entreprise qui développement des solutions de médecine personnalisée par impression 3D


Based in France, Lynxter designs 4.0-oriented additive manufacturing machine tools. As a leader in their field, the company aims to democratize 3D printing by offering high-quality tools and efficient solutions to professionals.

A better medicine for patients


Every patient is different
Every medication should be different.


With over 8 years of expertise in the field of pharmaceutical 3D printing, MB Therapeutics, a company based in Montpellier, France, offers a solution for the manufacturing of personalized medications through 3D printing.

Child holding personalized medicine in his hand