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MED-U Modular

Automatic production of personalized medicines through pharmaceutical 3D printing

Industrial security coupled with the flexibility of 3D printing

Every patient is different
Every medication should be different


Bringing new solutions to patients through Med-U Modular. Develop and produce reliable and personalized medications.

Production of personalized oral forms with pharmaceutical 3D printing technology

A unique 3D printer to revolutionize the medication management of patients

Developed in collaboration with  3D printing and pharmaceutical industry experts.

The most effective 3D gel and paste technology on the market.

No constraints of air bubbles

Ability to print all types of rheology of pastes or gels

Compatible with thermosensitive active ingredients

Secure software

Audit trail, lot reports, and electronic signature.

Experts in pharmaceutical development through 3D printing

We provide assistance based on over 8 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical 3D printing

User protection

HEPA and activated carbon filtered environment

Multi-filament and multi-gel technology available on demand

Stéphane Roulon, Lynxter and Ian Soulairol, a team expert in pharmaceutical 3D printing

Pioneering a new era of healthcare, the mission of MB Therapeutics

New Gen

Making every medication unique through a complete ecosystem, from pharmaceutical formulation to 3D printing technologies

MB Therapeutics: Better care for all


We are developing a comprehensive solution from pharmaceutical raw materials to 3D printer, enabling healthcare stakeholders to benefit from a turnkey solution

Medications. Everywhere. For everyone.

 In countries where the supply chain can be complex and access to medicine is limited, the MB solution improves population’s access to treatments.

 Different medications for each individual.

 Every patient is different. The MB solution puts the patient first, allowing dosage and form of medication to be tailored to individual patients.

 Finally, safer excipients for our children.

The MB formulation ensures a safe composition for our children, without excipients that have noticeable effects or contraindications for certain age groups.